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Successfully Connecting The Dentist’s Present With Their Future

Serving Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine


Buying or selling a practice? Looking for a trusted partner to help during the transition? We are experts in listing your dental practice for sale and connecting people to the best opportunities for their business!

WHY DDSmatch?


WHY DDSmatch?

Who We Are

Who We Are

The Trusted Transition Process™

The Trusted Transition Process™


DDSmatch The Trusted Transition Process™

DDSmatch The Trusted Transition Process™

Landing the Airplane (The Trusted Transition Process™)

Finding the Perfect Match (Our Match Process)

Prepared for Anything (Legal Counsel)

Fair Practice Evaluation (Third-party Business Valuations)

Transitioning on Your Terms (Practice Optimizer Experience)


Edward Ferrero, DDSmatch
Helping Dentists Transition in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine

Years with DDSmatch

Years in the Industry

Ed has been in the dental industry for 35 years. His passion for his clients and their patients has been his driving force and reason for his success. Ed was consistently one of the nation’s top account representatives and later led the Boston Branch with Patterson Dental as their General Manager. Later, his experience as Northeast Healthcare Specialist for TD Bank gave Ed an inside understanding of the financial working of Practice Transitions. Ed was invited to the GE Crotenville International Leadership Program, he completed the Mercer Business of Dentistry, Transitions and Leadership programs. Ed has spoken nationally to dentists and dental sales professionals and continues to coach select clients in leadership. His experience has offered him expertise across all aspects of the dental practice. Ed’s relationships and reputation make him uniquely qualified to realize his client’s dreams and visions to facilitate successful outcomes. Ed focuses on Boston and New England Markets, including Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

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When the time came to consider retirement, I feared that selling my home-office general practice would be difficult. Ed Ferrero not only found the ideal candidate and buyer, but he was also accessible every step of the way for assistance in the process.

Dr. W.M. Auffinger

I’m so glad SCOTT suggested that I contact you when I told him I had decided to retire. You were always responsive to my questions and concerns and then, once you had connected me with a buyer with whom I was comfortable, you were always responsive and helpful to her as well. If a potential client of yours is ever looking for an endorsement have them call me. I’d be happy to talk with them.

Gilbert E. Carley, D.M.D

It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Ed Ferrero of DDSMatch, NE who helped me recently with my practice transition.

Ed is knowledgeable in what he does in terms of practice transition. He has an extensive background in dentistry having worked with Patterson for many years and then with TD bank.
He is thorough with his work and helps you look at different aspects of practice. He is detail-oriented with equipment, thorough with practice evaluation and knows what reports are needed to highlight the practice essentials. He has worked in bank and understands financials of the practice that banks look at before approving the loan.
Ed is very motivated and will not shy away from showing practices to as many interested parties as he can to get the best value for your practice.
He understands that as practitioners we are busy and will work with us patiently to get things done.
He is systematic and methodical in his approach that helps you avoid the last minute headaches.
Selling the practice can be very stressful and unpredictable but with help of Ed I was able to
do it in expedited way considering I did not have much time to spend doing it.
He is well meaning and I would recommend Ed to anyone who wants to do it sincerely and with less headaches.

Dr Rahul Datar

Ed is a fantastic broker and makes things super easy – he is one of the best out there. He truly cares about the successful transition of the practice and has the best interests for both the seller and the buyer. We found Ed through DDSMATCH and he introduced us to Dr. Datar to look at the practice he was selling in Natick. Less than 2 months later – we are practice owners. Ed was readily available to answer any questions, coordinate requests, resolve bumps along the way, and was just overall a pleasure to work with. Even after the sale of the practice, Ed has been checking in with both Dr. Datar and Dr. Polnar to ensure a smooth transition. If you have the opportunity to work with Ed, I highly recommend it. Even if you do not, he is a great person to stay connected with in our small dental community.

Dr. Bethany Polnar – a happy new practice owner, THANK YOU ED!!!

Thank you so much for all your help and hard work throughout my practice transition. You were so easy to work with and really went above and beyond in dealing with certain individuals through out the process! I really appreciated your patients & guidance. Thanks for making a stressful process so much more manageable.

Hanna Cao

I had numerous brokers to consider but found the final choice ultimately straight forward. One broker considered the practice of minimal value. While I didn’t agree with the assessment, it gave me a floor assessment. Another broker from one of the large groups didn’t bother to follow up on my multiple inquiries. A third also from a large group seemed to find my small practice to insignificant to give priority to. Finally, I spoke and met with Ed Ferrero. He took the time to get to know me and the practice. He evaluated its strengths and weaknesses and developed a value that was close to the final selling price. Just as importantly, he understood the niche my practice fit into and was insightful about prospective buyers. He worked diligently on my behalf to find the right person. If I had to do it all over again, I would have saved all the aggravation and just went straight to Ed.

Should you want any additional input, please let me know.

Eugene Savitt, DMD MMSc

Working with Ed on the sale of my practice has been a great experience. He has been very helpful to both myself and the buyer. If not for Ed it was unlikely that I would have found a great buyer to carry on the legacy that was started by Dr. Chisum and passed on to me some 29 years ago. I would highly recommend him to prospective sellers.

Dr. David Theriault

Ed Ferrero of DDSMatch was fantastic to work with. He was readily available to answer questions and communicate with the seller. He was very knowledgeable about the dental field and was a great resource throughout the transition. Ed went above and beyond in helping organize the entire process and I would highly recommend him to any dentist looking to purchase a practice!

Hanna Cao, DDS

Thank you for helping us identify, navigate, and complete another dental office acquisition. Your ability to understand the buyer and seller needs while not meddling or blogging in the transaction was very helpful and welcome. Thanks again for all that you do.

Mark Sivers, DMD