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Welcome to your DDSmatch franchise website.  On this page, you’ll find basic setup instructions. Scroll down to the image below ↓ to see what your website will look like out-of-the-box (after simply filling out a form on the “Site Setup” page).

Ready to get started?

  1. You’ll want to have the information you want listed on your site ready, as it will be easiest to copy/paste this information into a form.
  2. You’ll need the auto-generated password that was given to you by someone at Imavex.
  3. Click on ‘SITE SETUP’ in the primary menu above and follow the prompts. Estimated 5-10 minute completion time.

* If you are looking for a simple, modern landing page for your business, once you’ve completed the form and adjusted the primary menu, you’re done!

* Those who wish to customize or adjust the look and feel of their site further and make more advanced changes will have the tools to do so in a clean & efficient way.